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We believe in the power of the Ketogenic diet. We also love jerky, but we had a hard time finding a jerky variety that was compatible with the Keto diet. We wanted something that was not only made with quality ingredients, but also tasted great, so we decided to make our own.

Keto Carne is a healthy jerky alternative, made without things like "tetrasodium pyrophophate" or "hydrolyzed soy and corn protein" commonly found in other brand's jerky. In addition to being carb-free and sugar-free, Keto Carne is also gluten-free, and made without chemical preservatives, nitrates/nitrites, or anything artificial. Period. 

If you have any questions about Keto Carne or the Ketogenic diet, contact me anytime at matt@ketocarne.com, or call me directly at (585) 752-7793! 

Matt and Rachel Lauster

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